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Blockchain is the term used to denote the technology used in digital currency or cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology is distributed across many users while the originator retains the copyright and ownership. AITrades utilizes real-world experience with linking Blockchain technology for clients. Through careful application of our security suite, we eliminate the worry of cyber trading from tracking, money transfer to post-financial settlements; our customers perform their trades in a secure environment using the latest form of our Blockchain technology platform.



Cryptocurrency is a virtual or digital currency used as a medium of exchange without any physical component. Through the use of cryptography, cryptocurrencies are used in transactions in a secure environment. Cryptography also controls the production of new units of cryptocurrency in a regulated system. We at AITrades believe that the future of money will be in cryptocurrency and that as the market continues to expand, there will be a greater need for structured platforms and enhanced security. Very quickly, we expect that traditional currencies will decline and we are positioned to help our clients take advantage of this new and exciting market.



Traditional money exchanges move slowly due to the verification requirements and clearance issues. Crypto currencies operate differently. Blockchain technology allows the process to move faster by operating in a secure environment, eliminating the red tape and allowing trades to take place with amazing speed. This revolutionary technology outperforms money transactions in traditional financial systems.



Every Blockchain transaction is cryptographically secured.

As the name implies, a Blockchain is a series of digital “blocks” which contain the records of the transactions. Each block is connected to another in a chain sequence which provides unparalleled security; to access the customer’s data, a hacker would need to alter not only the block containing the financial information but each block in the chain leading up to it. This in addition to other proprietary security features makes it almost impossible to hack and our customers can feel secure knowing their financial information and funds will remain secure.



The term “decentralization” as used in Blockchain technology it means that it is not reliant on any central control point. This makes the technology more durable, reliable and secure because there is no single control or authority. This technology uses consensus protocols across a group of nodes which authenticate transactions and log the data. Rather than requiring a central control system, this method is incorruptible and allows users to interact with other users in the secure environment.



Blockchain technology provides accessible, reliable and easy-to-use trades, all with remarkable speed. The simplicity of our platform makes it convenient for our users who save time by having easy access to their cryptocurrency in their digital wallet at all times. By contrast, fiat currencies are difficult to store and time consuming to access.



Blockchain technology allows for public access to all holdings and transactions. Through the use of public addresses, anyone can view a user’s transactions and holdings. This level of transparency is revolutionary within the financial community. In the past, large companies and financial institutions invested their customers’ funds in a variety of private transactions, some very risky. The financial crisis of 2008 can be largely attributed to this practice as big financial institutions invested in high-risk mortgages.




Because third parties, banks and financial institutions are not involved in the cryptocurrency marketplace, transaction costs are considerably less than their fiat currency counterparts. This makes trading in the cryptocurrency market very cost effective.