Bitcoin Price Soars 42% to $10,500 — Biggest Daily Gain Since 2011


Bitcoin Price Soars 42% to $10,500 — Biggest Daily Gain Since 2011
Saturday, October 26, 2019 By Dominic Robinson


Bitcoin Price Soars 42% to $10,500 — Biggest Daily Gain Since 2011


The last 24-hours have been an absolute roller coaster for Bitcoin price (BTC). Earlier in the week, BTC swiftly dropped by 10% after failing to hold above the $8,400 support.

By Thursday, BTC/USD was sitting on the bottom trendline of a descending wedge pattern and many investors and analysts were calling for a drop to $7,000. 

A few even predicted that a revisit to the long-term support at $6,500 was on the cards. Despite the bearish bias, traders like Scott Melker and Michaël van de Poppe spotted a series of bullish divergences on the 4-hour and daily timeframe and by Friday morning (Oct. 25) the chart and various indicators on the hourly and 4-hour timeframe were flashing bullish.

Investors believed that a quick upside move to $7,700-$7,800 would occur and many expected that bears would open their short positions at the top of this range and eventually push Bitcoin price back down to the mid $7,000s or high $6,000s at worst. 

Bitcoin price does the opposite

Obviously, this is exactly what did not happen and the short squeeze that accompanying the first part of Bitcoin’s 16% rally from $7,450 to $8,600 resulted in the liquidation of $150 million shorts at BitMEX. 

After such a strong move, consolidation around the $8,300 to $8,500 region was the next expectation that traders had in mind. Tackling the $8,800 resistance would have been the next step and it seemed likely that this would play out depending on the state of the weekly candle at closing. 

Surprisingly, Bitcoin bulls gathered up enough steam for a final hurrah, and towards the evening of the U.S. trading session bull pressed Bitcoin price far above the $8,800 resistance to set a higher high at $10,540.

Analysts and traders will probably spend the weekend searching for the exact reasons that catalyzed today’s strong 36% surge — the biggest daily gain since 2011. 

Currently, the crypto community is pointing to Chinese President Xi Jinping’s call for the development of blockchain technology throughout the country. Bakkt’s Bitcoin futures back to back all-time high volume achievements are also being cited as a reason for Bitcoin’s surge.