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AITrades comes with a modern and unique technology for the new world of currencies. We believe in a future where money would take up a new form; thus, we want to provide a technology that stands as a solution to this new wave of life and finance. It is a proven fact that fiat currencies are fading and digital currencies are taking its place, and as its growth increases, it becomes uncontrollable to unprofessional traders.


The vision of AITrades is to design an updated Artificial Intelligence (AI) decision-making tool, that controls speed and make accurate calculations. Soon, an alarming percentage of our day to day lifestyle and business activities would be controlled by robots, so AITrades plans to strike a balance and get rid of the worries of how to trade and make money.

Doctrine / Mission

We have a mission, and it is to:

  • Design a modern and distinctive way to make it very easy for beginners and experts to trade
  • Provide Accurate Artificial intelligence to take care of your trades
  • Eliminate human errors and help them benefit more from digital currencies
  • Develop our Bots every day to make better decisions
  • Eliminate the complexity of trading on cryptocurrencies

Game Changer

Before AITrades, many other automated trading bot platforms existed, and most of them are centralized, web-centric and client-server Internet models. But the truth still stands:

  1. They are complex and difficult to understand
  2. They all require professionals with in-depth trading knowledge and programming skills.
  3. They alienate new customers and prove time-consuming even to the more experienced traders.They are complex and difficult to understand.

With AITrades, the reverse seems to be the case! AITrades believes in the principles of decentralization, transparency, privacy, and security. We believe in a world where worries about finance should be the things of the past, that is why we hand trading to a better and accurate mind of artificial intelligence. Although many skeptics around the globe say Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are nothing more than a bubble, the growth suggests otherwise. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy, and they are here to stay.

Team Members

Mistakes are inevitable because humans are imperfect beings with limited time and energy. But we believe if we can combine human efforts and creativity with AI, we can get the best possible result without exerting too much time and energy. Our team members are made up of humans and AI. Robots help human make better decisions and humans create better Bots with their creativity. Thus, we believe we have the best team members and the best environment to help them grow in an automated organization.


Partnering with great companies and aligning great products has been our pass to an innovative and evolving roadmap. We are currently working on developing new exciting technologies that enhance our current crypto trading BOTs with some predictive capabilities and in a short span of time, users will be able to tap into these innovative and advanced strategies to improve their trading accuracies.