12 July 2020 By Lilly Harvey
Iota Foundation expects to remove network Coordinator and become a “fully decentralized network” by Q1 2021. Iota, a major blockchain project designed for the Internet of Things, or IOT, has entered the first phase in its roadmap for upgrading the network to IOTA 2.0. ... Read more

11 July 2020 By Evan Fitzgerald
The Bank of Japan announced on Thursday that it would experiment with a CBDC to check its feasibility from a technical perspective. The Bank of Japan has announced it will begin experimenting with a central bank digital currency, or CBDC, to check its feasibility from a technical perspective. ... Read more

9 July 2020 By Dominic Robinson
In a recent tweet, the Litecoin foundation notified the crypto community that the LTC network had gained 307,603 new non-zero Litecoin wallet addresses in a period of one week. This translates to an average of 43,943 new addresses created per day. ... Read more

8 July 2020 By Lilly Harvey
Yes…there has been unrest in the market, and yes, this has been giving chills to the current investors as the crypto space keeps getting turbulent frequently. However, this is not something which is stopping Dash from fetching larger userbase. ... Read more

4 July 2020 By Dominic Robinson
Argo has nearly doubled its mining capacity for zcash, possibly as it looks to diversify from bitcoin. The publicly listed mining firm has bought 750 Antminer Z11s, which specialize in the Equihash algorithm, for a total of $474,000 ... Read more

1 July 2020 By Evan Fitzgerald
New research from Outlier Ventures lays out the landscape of blockchain development in the crypto space. And things aren't looking good for EOS. Developers working on the EOS platform fell more than 85% compared to a year ago, according to a new research report from Outlier Ventures ... Read more

28 June 2020 By Lilly Harvey
PlusToken recently moved $186 million worth of Ethereum, leading investors to fear a dump in ETH price. Earlier this week PlusToken, one of the largest scams in the cryptocurrency world, tried to move 789,500 Ether (ETH), but the movement of these stolen funds were temporarily held up by congestion issues within the Ethereum network. ... Read more

26 June 2020 By Evan Fitzgerald
Blockchain Heroes features 50 superhero collectible cards inspired by top crypto personalities. A new digital trading card series on the WAX blockchain — Blockchain Heroes — will feature 50 unique superheroes inspired by top influencers ... Read more

25 June 2020 By Lilly Harvey
According to Ripple Head of Global Banking Marjan Delatinne, the company’s On-Demand Liquidity may soon be available in Brazil. Brazil could be the next area for crypto firm Ripple to reach with a cross-border payments corridor, which could lead to its use in other Latin American nations. ... Read more

22 June 2020 By Lilly Harvey
A second transaction has been confirmed on the Ethereum blockchain with a $2.6 million gas fee, confusing the crypto community. A second transaction of 350 Ether (ETH) ($86,000 at press time) with an incredible $2.6 million gas fee has just been confirmed on the Ethereum ... Read more

21 June 2020 By Evan Fitzgerald
Crypto custody firm Casa unveiled a new wallet that offers access without a seed phrase and gives users a way to check on their private keys. New York-based crypto custody startup Casa has released a new wallet for Bitcoin newbies and long-term HODLers. ... Read more

19 June 2020 By Dominic Robinson
Major cryptocurrency exchange OKEx is integrating Paxful’s Kiosk and trading services into its platform. Peer-to-peer Bitcoin (BTC) marketplace Paxful is integrating its platform with major cryptocurrency exchange OKEx. ... Read more

17 June 2020 By Lilly Harvey
Dash Investment Foundation has launched a Dash-to-gold rebalancing strategy in order to grow its gold and Dash reserves while reducing volatility. The Dash Investment Foundation, which claims to be the first ownerless and memberless investment fund in the world, recently bought its first shipment of physical gold. ... Read more

16 June 2020 By Evan Fitzgerald
A 10-company oil and gas blockchain consortium saw promising results from its blockchain pilot test for oilfield water-handling. The OOC Oil & Gas Blockchain Consortium has completed a blockchain pilot test to automate payments for oilfield water-handling. ... Read more

15 June 2020 By Lilly Harvey
Peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading in the United States has surged to post its strongest weekly volume on record, with almost $29 million trading on Localbitcoins and Paxful. Peer-to-peer Bitcoin (BTC) trading activity in the United States surged to a new all-time high during the week of June 7, according to data published by UsefulTulips. ... Read more

14 June 2020 By Evan Fitzgerald
Two US-based law firms are the latest victims of the REvil malware group, which is auctioning off their sensitive data. Ransomware group REvil has started another auction on the dark web listing sensitive data stolen from two US-based law firms. ... Read more