28 March 2020 By Lilly Harvey
Technology security firm Least Authority has published an audit of the specifications for ETH 2.0 — the long-awaited overhaul of the Ethereum (ETH) protocol. Least Authority audited ETH 2.0’s during January at the request of the Ethereum Foundation. The firm worked alongside the Foundation throughout the process and compiled the final version of the report on March 6. ... Read more

27 March 2020 By Evan Fitzgerald
California Governor Gavin Newsom warned the public against Bitcoin (BTC) fraudsters during his live speech about the coronavirus outbreak. On March 26, Newsom mentioned the leading cryptocurrency as part of his official speech about what measures had been taken by the state to prevent the further spread of the virus in California. ... Read more

25 March 2020 By Evan Fitzgerald
United States-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken is embracing traditional forex trading, going live with nine new fiat currency pairs as of today, March 12. From 14.30 UTC, users worldwide — notably excluding United States residents — will be able to use the Kraken platform to directly trade between euros, U.S. dollars, Canadian dollars, Japanese yen, pound sterling and Swiss francs. ... Read more

24 March 2020 By Evan Fitzgerald
Bitfinex, the major cryptocurrency exchange and partner firm of stablecoin Tether (USDT) is listing a multi-million-dollar cryptocurrency hedge fund. The exchange announced on March 16 that it has listed Bahamas-based crypto hedge fund Fulgur Alpha, which is currently worth $280 million dollars. ... Read more

22 March 2020 By Evan Fitzgerald
An engineer at Baidu, China’s equivalent to Google, has been jailed for mining Monero on around 200 of the company’s servers. According to a March 16 report by local media outlet, Abacus News, the employee eventually sold the Monero for around 100,000 yuan ($14,300). ... Read more

21 March 2020 By Dominic Robinson
Ethereum-based social network Sapien has unveiled updates to its platform, as well as a partnership with the initial exchange offering project, Matic Network. “After several months of development, we’re launching the next release of our platform, called Alpha Persei,” Sapien Network co-founder and CEOAnkit Bhatia told Cointelegraph in an interview. ... Read more

19 March 2020 By Lilly Harvey
Amid intensifying fears over the coronavirus, the United States stock market saw another historic day causing whopping losses for the world’s richest people. On March 9, the U.S. stocks experienced another dismal day, with major stock indices like the S&P 500 and Dow Jones plunging more than 7%. This coincided with a major bloodbath in crypto markets, with Bitcoin (BTC) dropping nearly 10% over a day. According to some reports, Monday, March 9 became the worst day for U.S. stocks since 2008. ... Read more

18 March 2020 By Evan Fitzgerald
While cryptocurrency markets are experiencing another crash this Monday, major digital asset platform Bakkt has some good news. Referred to as one of the most promising crypto-related initiatives for its physically settled Bitcoin (BTC) futures, Bakkt has now raised an additional $300 million to continue developing digital asset-focused services, the firm’s new CEO Mike Blandina announced on March 16. ... Read more

16 March 2020 By Dominic Robinson
Corporates that advocate for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) responsibility initiatives should adopt blockchain technology, the CEO of Spanish blockchain software firm Finboot said on March 5th in a blog post. ... Read more

14 March 2020 By Evan Fitzgerald
Digital payment platform Uphold has released a new debit card, allowing users to pay with converted crypto, commodities and cash. Uphold’s new multi-asset debit card allows United States-based participants to spend assets held in their Uphold accounts at any Mastercard compatible location, a representative from Uphold told Cointelegraph in an interview. “Anywhere globally where Mastercard is accepted, they will be able to use this debit card,” she said. ... Read more

13 March 2020 By Dominic Robinson
The creator of the popular Facebook game FarmVille, Eric Schiermeye, has transitioned to the blockchain gaming industry. Blockchain Game Partners, for which Schiermeyer is the founder and CEO, has announced that it is developing a blockchain-based gaming platform dubbed the Gala Network. ... Read more

12 March 2020 By Lilly Harvey
Ethereum-based synthetic asset issuance platform Synthetix is adding new features, which includes derivatives trading. ... Read more

9 March 2020 By Lilly Harvey
Major cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex, the sister exchange of stablecoin firm Tether, has rolled out futures trading for Tether’s new gold-backed coin. Starting on March 6, Bitfinex users can trade futures contracts on Tether Gold (XAU₮) against Tether (USDT), a widely-known and controversial stablecoin pegged to the United States dollar. ... Read more

7 March 2020 By Dominic Robinson
While some global cryptocurrency exchanges move to expand Know Your Customer (KYC) rules, some major rivals claim that crypto platforms don’t need KYC at all. Digitex, a Seychelles-based crypto derivatives exchange, will start removing KYC identification this week in response to a major user data leakage that happened last month. ... Read more

6 March 2020 By Evan Fitzgerald
The Swedish government is reacting to an alleged Bitcoin fraud scheme that targeted vulnerable people in Sweden, Australia, New Zealand and the U.K. Ukrainian officials were informed of the allegations in a meeting on March 2, according to an Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting report published on March 3. ... Read more

4 March 2020 By Evan Fitzgerald
The Supreme Court of India has struck down the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) controversial ban on banks’ dealings with crypto-related firms. The court’s bench of Justices Rohinton Nariman, S Ravindra Bhat, and V Ramasubramanian, delivered the judgment earlier today, March 4, litigation news site Live Law reported. ... Read more